Agree to the Terms

liteBB owns and its related products, app applications, related software ownership and operation rights, new users through the login process to read the terms of the service and click on the "Log in" button to Log in, that is to say that the user and liteBB have reached an agreement, voluntarily accept the following terms of all content.

Account and security

1. Do not provide any false personal information on the liteBB, or create accounts for others without the permission of others.

2. Do not create multiple personal accounts.

3. If we disable your account, you will not create an additional account without permission.

4. Do not use your personal account to promote other people's goods and services, the issue of commercial advertising.

5. Under 13 years old, do not use liteBB.

6. Keep your contact method accurate and up-to-date.

7. Do not share the password with others, do not allow others access to your account, or other actions that may endanger your account security.

8. Do not transfer your account to anyone without prior written permission.

9. If you choose a username/avatar for your account, this username/avatar is easy to cause confusion, misunderstanding to other users, or a trademark has complained that your username/avatar and its trademarks are identical or approximate, and the user name/avatar and your actual name/appearance, We will reserve the right to delete or reclaim it at the appropriate time.

10. The long-term unused account and not binding personal or corporate certification information, we will retain at the appropriate time to delete or reclaim the right.

Content and information sharing

1. No unauthorized commercial information shall be published on the liteBB.

2. Without our prior permission, you can not collect the user's content or information, but also can not use the automatic way to access liteBB (such as robots, web spiders or web crawler).

3. Should not be engaged in liteBB illegal multi-level marketing, such as pyramid scam.

4. Do not upload virus or other malicious code.

5. Do not collect login information or access accounts belonging to others.

6. Shall not intimidate, coerce or harass any user.

7. The dissemination of hate speech, threats or pornography, incitement to violence, or content containing nudity or bloody or gratuitous violence shall not be published.

8. Shall not use liteBB to engage in any unlawful, misleading, malicious or discriminatory activity.

9. Do not carry out any activities which may cause the liteBB website normal function or the page appearance function loss, overload or damage, such as denial of service attack, interference page rendering or damage other liteBB function.

10. Shall not assist or encourage any breach of this statement or of our policies.

Authorization and privacy

1. For the content you post in club, all members in this club can access and read it.

2. Edit the intellectual property content and generate the history copies. However, you need to understand that the backup of the deleted content may continue to exist for some time (but it is not visible to others).

3. When you publish content or information on public board, this means that you allow anyone to access and use this information.

4. When you login, your current location will be displayed as city or state name.

Intellectual Property rights

1. The content published on the liteBB or action taken shall not infringe upon the rights of others or violate the law.

2. We have the right to remove the contents and information of any violation of this statement or liteBB policy that you have posted on the liteBB.

3. If we remove your copyright infringement, and you have objections, you can lodge a complaint with us.

4. If you repeatedly violate the intellectual property rights of others, we will disable your account at the appropriate time.

5. No other documents or sensitive financial information shall be published on the liteBB.


1. liteBB does not guarantee that the network service at any time can be stable connection, and do not guarantee network services will not be interrupted.

2. If the liteBB has already indicated that its network service provides the way to change and to remind the user should notice the matter, the user does not have according to the request operation the result to be responsible by the user.

3. liteBB is not liable for interruption of network service or other defects caused by force majeure or liteBB.

4. Users in the use of liteBB services at the same time, should be aware of the above risks exist, and bear the risk of its consequences.

Modification and renewal of the terms

liteBB will change the terms of service when necessary, and the terms of service, if any, liteBB require you to reconfirm the updated terms of service. If you do not accept, please cancel your account in time.

If you have any questions or suggestions on this item, please contact us by email.

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