1. What's the difference between liteBB and other Apps?

liteBB is a lite app for posts.

An extremely lite way to post and discuss / Share text, image, video and file / Versions / Markdown & real-time preview...

Updates and features:

  • Multi-branch discussions
  • Markdown & real-time preview
  • Group discussions
  • Video reply
  • Edit / delete posts & comments
  • Automatically records versions
  • Optimize SNS / Follow / @username
  • Close / Open Timeline
  • Invisible following / like or dislike
  • Send messages / recall unread in an hour
  • Star users / Block users
  • Customize your page
  • Add tags / Classify / Mark
  • Intelligently explore posts
  • full-text search
  • Export posts in HTML or Markdown format.

2. What is the multi-branch discussion?

Common discussion only allows replies to the topic within one thread.

liteBB supports multi branches in parallel, more interesting discussions.

3. What is the invisible following?

Users can follow anyone, but the followed user can not see who have followed them, and does not show followers and its number.

4. What is the function of @ before username?

Each user has their unique URL on liteBB like this:

Users click other's URL to send messages directly; emoji 😄 support and user can recall the unread messages in an hour.

5. How to mention @username?

Click the chevron button in the top right corner, then you can mention @username who you will name them to view the post. And the post will be on their homepage.

6. Users will receive news if they get replies or comments?

Yes. the replies or comments will be on user's homepage.

7. Can I block someone's replies or @me on my homepage?

Yes. you can block anyone (to your blacklist).

Any way, if you want to get replies or @me only by starred users, you can configure your homepage to do so.

8. Why I can not follow my friend's post history?

If your friend close their timeline, you can only follow their today's posts.

You can add tags, like or dislike to mark or classify the interesting posts.

9. How to stop followers to follow my post history?

You can choose to open or close your timeline.

If you close your timeline, your followers can only follow your posts published in 24 hours. Or else, if timeline is open, followers can follow all your posts.

10. The author can see who have liked or dislike their post?

No. it is invisible like or dislike.

Users can view liked or disliked posts in their archives, also can cancel the liked or dislike posts.

11. How to add post tags?

Click the chevron button in the top right corner, then add tags to the post, use space to separate tags.

You can view the tagged posts in archives, also you can remove a tag or tags.

12. Does the post author know who has added the post tags?

No. readers add tags on a post, and the post author does not get the reader's information.

13. What is the 'hot tags'?

‘Hot tags’ is the dynamic trends that indicate the hot points from readers.

At most 5 hot tags will be displayed on each post.

14. How can I carry the layout of my post?

Markdown supported and with real-time previewing, it is very easy to format your text on mobile phone.

Replies and comments support Markdown too.

15. Where is the post title?

The default title is the first line of each post.

Tips, it is better for user to add 1~3 # characters before the first line as the post title. (e.g. ### Title here)

16. Can I edit or delete my posts and comments?


17. What is the versions?

Version automatically records posts edited or deleted in 7 days.

If post author edits or deletes a post, version will record a snapshot of the post automatically.

18. How to quick share a post on liteBB?

Click the chevron button in the top right corner, click 'send to friend', then you can share the post to your friend directly.

19. How to report unreasonable or illegal posts?

Click the chevron button in the top right corner, then click 'Report'. We will deal with each report as soon as possible.

20. How to export or backup posts from liteBB?

User can Export all their posts and replies data to a .zip file.

Export posts in HTML or Markdown format.